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Subba Cultcha Interview with TTNG

TTNG spent last year re-imagining themselves as a band, pushing on to tour with an altered line-up. Where other bands would fall by the way-side, they’ve evolved enough to be firmly looking forward to a great future, and their recently released new album is the perfect hard evidence for it. James Fox had a chat with guitarist Tim Collis on where they’re at, and what’s in store next.

You’ve got a lot ahead of you it seems this year. But yesterday you had your new album out,, your first one as a three piece after Stu and Jamie left. How was the creative process this time?

It was pretty different, as you might expect with both Stu and Jamie leaving. Jamie was around for the writing of that album actually, and some of the basic ideas and riffs we started with had actually been around for a couple of years. So it was a bit funny – we had little bits from up to 2 or 3 years ago, some bits that were more recent to when the album was recorded, and quite a lot of parts that were just experimentation in the studio at the time. It was a weird process that combined all three ways, compared to the previous record where we just wrote a bunch of songs together, tried to grab what time we could, and recorded them pretty much as they were in rehearsal. It was a bit freer this time and it was more intense and definitely more serious. We’d flown producer Ed Rose over from the states so we knew it was a bit more serious and things had stepped up for us in some ways. It was a good process though.

The instrumentation on the record seems a little bit more adventurous?

Yeah, definifetly. We had a bit more time and a little bit more budget which is great because you can then obviously do things that are a bit more experimental. You’ve got the time and the ability risk it, and you’ve even got in a better a studio the means to do that with better equipment or different equipment. There are a few different flavours on there, some different instruments we tried out. There’s some really random stuff like wine glasses with liquid in them and making all sorts of noises with those. There are a few more effects. With the previous record it was pretty clean and it was just vocals, drums, bass, guitar and that was it. It was nice to try some new stuff out this time for sure.

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The Rock Club Interview with Tim Collis of This Town Needs Guns

Where did your band name come from and any regrets with that name in today’s climate?

Our previous singer Stu actually started the band when he was at uni and chose this name from a letter his friend once sent him. His friend had signed off the letter ‘This Town Needs Guns’ in reference to a bunch of scally-wags who had thrown a brick through a bus window at him.

Yes, we’re actually kind of regretful of the name at times but we hope that people realise it is just a band name and it doesn’t convey any of our views on guns or any other weapons for that matter. We’d hope people would take the time to listen to the music before basing their view of us just on a name.

How did you come to be in a band together and with what ambitions?

The band originally started like most bands - a bunch of friends just wanting to spend their time in a positive and fun way. We recently had a bit of a line-up change in that our singer left amicably to start a family and our bass player left to pursue a career in graphic design. Since Henry has joined us (undertaking both of these duties and more) we’ve still had the same outlook and just like at the beginning of the band, we’ve had no particular ambitions besides enjoying what we’re doing and taking what opportunities come our way.

How would you describe your sound for people yet to hear your music?

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11 Is Louder than 10: An Interview with Tim Collis

It’s been just over a year since 11 is louder than 10 spoke to Oxford math rockers This Town Needs Guns on the eve of vocalist Stu Smith’s departure for parenthood (interview here).

At the time, the band’s future seemed secure, with Pennines vocalist Henry Tremain all set to take over singing duties. However, little did he know, he’d soon be replacing Jamie Cooper as bassist as well. After an event-packed year, 11 is louder than 10 once again caught up with TTNG at The Borderline in London in the final days of their 2012 UK tour to discuss ‘power trios’, Iron Maiden tribute bands and ‘Ron Jeremy Beadle’.

How would you sum up the last year or so since we last spoke?

Tim Collis (guitar):
It’s been eventful! Stu started a family, which is good. He’s getting on well – he’s got a little girl now. And Jamie left to pursue a career in graphic design because he’s truly gifted at that, but luckily he recorded a new album with us before he left, so he features on the album – he’s got some pretty pimpin’ bass lines.

Moving on from that, it’s been kinda challenging recreating those songs live, but as three people. In particular, Henry and Chris have got a pretty tough job because they’re both doing a lot more. Henry’s singing and playing bass lines that weren’t written at the time as if they were both going to be done by the same person!

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