Musical Mathematics: Live | This Town Needs Guns @ The Well, Leeds 24/10/12

…Coming on stage with their own and personally designed PA system and specialized set up, finally the new singer Henry Tremain and the Collis Brothers were ready to show us exactly why we’d paid seven pound to be at the Well. If any of us had any doubts about the new former-Peninnes lead-singer, they were gone within an instant of the first notes of their set. Louder than any of the other band’s sound, This Town Needs Guns went about putting smiles on the faces of the entire audience, loosening the weird atmosphere and reassuring everyone with technical and precise melodic rock. Never flat and with spot on falsetto, Henry’s voice is a sure fit in the new line up as he play’s a baritone guitar that fits in as the band’s low end. Playing through some of their classics ‘Adventure, Stamina, Anger’ and ‘Chinchilla’; keeping astoundingly true to their record sound, the band really showed their strength in live performance, not to mention their strength in polite and apologetic banter.

With an album coming in 2013 their new material was amazing to experience in a live format, really showing their progression and the tight collective nature that the three piece now put forth. The brand new ‘Cat Fantastic’ is a remarkable encapsulation of the band’s new line up, really boasting everything they have worked for, pushing additive and changing time signatures, remarkable fret work, innovative drum lines and all round ground-breaking sound formation. Finishing with an unplugged version of ‘If I Sit Still, Maybe I’ll Get Out Of Here’ the whole night ended on an absolute high that really made braving the cold Leeds Autumn weather worthwhile.

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